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Family Portraits – What to wear.

You have booked your family portraits¬†and now¬†you have to decide what to wear. It’s not as easy as everyone wearing khaki’s and a white shirt unless that is how you dress in real life. You’re individuals and you want to express that in your photo session. Coordination, not matching, is the key here. The easiest way to go about doing this is to find an article of clothing that you love. This can be for you or for one of the members in your family. Once you find that clothing item you can use that to coordinate the rest of the outfits for everyone in your family.

Let’s say for instance that your daughter has the most beautiful coral dress and you would love to see her in that on the day of your photos. Now all you have to do is find clothing that complements that outfit. Navy is a great color to coordinate with coral. Perhaps mom could wear a denim dress and dad could wear a navy dress shirt. If you would like some outfit ideas you can check out this Pinterest link. It provides you with clothing ideas for spring family portraits.

One more thing. While you want to look your best for your photos, you also want to look natural. Now is not the time to make a drastic hair color or style change. If you are set on doing this, leave a two-week grace period to get yourself used to the new do. The last thing you want to do is have a photograph hanging on your wall reminding you of the time you decided to throw caution to the wind and let the hairstylist choose your new hair color.

Your photo session is a time to have fun with your family and make lasting memories.